Our Story

May 29th 2011 I went camping with several friends. I didn't know Jared very well but was very interested to get to know him. We saw each other in high school and our first conversation, believe it or not, was him approving another Marine dating me....

After that trip, we started spending every day together, camping, mudding and running around. On July 4th 2011, I finally gave in and played rock, paper, scissors. If Jared won, I'd stop being so difficult and let him kiss me. If I won I would make him suffer and continue playing hard to get.

Jared won.

We spent our first Thanksgiving as a couple in Tollhouse, CA visiting Dad, Grandma/Grandpa, Aunt Gretchen and the cousins. Then Christmas Eve Jared was exposed to our "real" family and poker night traditions. He survived, a little worse for wear. ;-)

In May Jared graduated HS and we enjoyed our last 15 days together before he left for boot camp June 11th 2012. The day quickly arrived Jared went away for 3 long months. I worked and stalked the mail-man. Sept 5th arrived and at 5am I couldn't wait any longer and drove to San Diego for his graduation. He graduated Sept. 7th 2012 and got to actually come back with us. We had 10 short days together, in which we reconnected with all our marine friends, home town friends and family, got tattoos (lol) and went camping.

Jared asked me the night of our big campout when did I wanna get married. Gushingly I responded with, "when are you gonna talk to my Dad?" We talked about life and all the things that come with getting married, but we both agreed that was not a real proposal because he wanted to make it special.

Jared went back to Camp Pendleton for MCT (Marine Combat Training) for a month. He finally got phone rights on the weekends, which - lets face it - is much better than waiting on a letter. The family traveled to San Diego for a farewell trip for Nakki, our dog,  and stay relatively close to where Jared was, the one weekend he had rights/freedom to leave base overnight. We were able to spend a very short 23 hours together with my family.

This was also the weekend Jared decided to ask my Dad for my hand in marriage. (OH BOY) after a 3 hour talk and a boatload of pacing, the boys finally came in. Then we headed to our hotel room. Jared got the THUMBS UP!

Jared finished MCT October 16th, then went straight to another base for his training, Pensacola, Florida. Countless Skype dates and alot of late night phone calls ensued. For my birthday, Jared bought me a present - a Trip to Florida. I had the choice to go to the Marine Ball Nov. 9th and see him for 48 hours, or Thanksgiving and see him for at least 4 days.

I choose Thanksgiving and flew with his mother to Florida. We drove to Mississippi to visit his cousin and his family. The day after Thanksgiving Jared asked if I wanted to go to the beach for a little bit. We drove to Ocean Springs, MI (beach) and got out, walked around, snapped a few pictures, walked along the dock and came back to the sand where Jared said we should sit down. As I attempted to sit, Jared stopped me.

I reacted in a very Shiloh way and started yelling "You said to sit, I'm sitting??! Let me sit!?" He looked down at his knee and looked back up at me. He was kneeling. I had seen the move before but it was usually a joke or tying his shoe,  so I reacted with, "Jared, No one likes a tease..." I was thinking he was mocking a proposal..

He started to say "Shiloh Will-"

I cut him off saying, "Stop this isn't funny. You don't even have a ring."

He opened his hand and there was a ring (his Grandmother's!). As I stood in shame with my hand over my mouth he finished his sentence, "Shiloh Will You Marry Me?" a few words slip out of my mouth, but the important one was... Yes! (Totally embarrassed of how that went down on my behalf).

We played in the sand and Jared tried to get me in the frozen water.. that lasted a whole 2 seconds. Happily changing our facebook status and phones blowing up the rest of our time together was a new experience.